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Where Can I Buy Agile Guitars?

All Agile Guitars are currently sold through Rondo Music. Rondo's sales channels include ReverbeBay, Amazon and, the Rondo Music web site.   Please keep in mind Agile Guitars use real wood in their construction methods.  What that means is that like just about every person on the planet, ever tree is unique.  So the wood pattern on every Agile Guitar is just a little different.  You will not know (and in-fact we will not know until we receive your order) exactly what the wood pattern on your guitar will exactly look like (unless you are ordering a model with a solid color on the front and back).  Please keep this in mind when zooming in on close-up photos.


Who Makes Agile?

Agile Guitars is a "house brand" of Rondo Music.  Rondo Music is an American-owned and operated family business, founded in 1959. We sell a variety of musical instruments including electric guitars, acoustic guitars, guitar amps, ukuleles, and a variety of mostly stringed instruments. Our primary focuses are Agile Guitars, SX Guitars, Hadean Ukuleles and Guitars,  Brice Basses, CNB, and Douglas Cases.  Since 1985 Rondo Music has built these custom-brand instruments to our specifications based on our customers' requests. Agile Guitars are imported from South Korea.


Who Should Buy An Agile Guitar?

Agile Guitars design focus is on models not commonly produced by major brand names. This includes 8, 9, and 10 strings guitars, extended range guitars, lefty models, fretless and headless models.  The standard 6 string models we do offer have  upgraded features not commonly found on other brands such as coil-tapping, and compound radiuses.  Agile Guitars offer great quality at a reasonable price. We achieve this by skipping the 'middle man.'  All guitars are sold directly through us and not through sales reps or retail operations who add significant markup.  We design these guitars for intermediate and expert players who need a guitar to "kick around with", something they can bring to a friend's house and not worry about scratching like they would with a $2000 American-made guitar. 

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